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The Pink Candy strain is an interesting strain with an odd history. Its genetics are currently being debated. Some believe it’s Pink Panther crossed with Candy Kush while others say it’s Stinky Pinky crossed with Cotton Candy.

Nevertheless, Pink Candy weed holds an unusual scent and flavor as well, being both sweet and sour, not unlike pink lemonade.

THC percentage levels tend to fall around the high teens with Pink Candy and CBD levels are just above average. Reviewers have said they’ve experienced a calming effect on both body and mind when describing Pink Candy strain effects, relieving the stresses of the day. Some enjoyed Pink Candy because it helped reduce their chronic pain. About two hours into the high as it began to lift, sedation occurred, a few reviewers reported.

When you open a bag of Pink Candy, you might notice its buds are various shades of pale greens with burnt orange pistils and purple hues, along with a thick layer of trichomes that further lighten its colors. Occasionally you may notice its buds have a slight pinkish appearance from a distance.